About GI_Week

The Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg is an interdisciplinary Centre of Competence for Geoinformatics and geospatial data management, integrating basic and applied research with graduate education and outreach activites.

Z_GIS has strong experience in organising conferences for many years. Over 1000 people attend the biggest scientific conference – the AGIT Symposium & GI_Forum – at the University of Salzburg in the field of Geoinformatics. The goal of the conferences is to promote translating theory, methods and techniques into a broad range of Geoinformatics application domains. Young researches are especially welcome to contribute and discuss their findings. The international GI_Forum runs concurrently with the highly regarded German language conference on Applied Geoinformatics – AGIT hosted by our local conference team for more than 30 years. The two symposia share the innovative AGIT EXPO exhibit and stimulating social events.

In 2021 the two conferences (AGIT and GI_Forum) will take place next to the ISDE12 in July and will therefore attract an even broader audience to the University of Salzburg.

For further information about the GI_Week and its two concurrently running conferences please visit:

www.agit.at (for the conference on Applied Geoinformatics in German language)

www.gi-forum.org (for the International conference in English language)